Is my privacy and security protected?

You can view information on our Privacy Policy here.

Enterprise-grade performance and security with Cloudflare #

Our Cloudways server works with Cloudflare Enterprise to offer advanced protection against hackers and threats at the edge.

DDoS attacks are mitigated in under 3 seconds via dedicated IP ranges, with prioritized routing and protection to ensure maximum speed and availability.

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) analyzes millions of sites and 32 million requests per second to intelligently identify & block attackers and emerging threats at the edge!

End-to-End Encryption #

Our server is fully protected with end-to-end encryption that ensures that all data in transit is protected and encrypted with HTTPS protocol, preventing access to data during transfer from one system to another.

SSL Security #

SSL establishes a secure connection between user and website that helps you transfer your data in encrypted form.

Two-Factor Authentication #

Access to our server is protected with industry standard Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to strengthen platform security and minimize the incidents of unauthorized access to user account.

GDPR Compliance #

Our compliance with the requirements of European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just another demonstration of our commitment to the security of customer data and our European customer base.