Self-Assessment: Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders come in many forms. On one end there are over-eating disorders such as Bulimia and Binge Eating. On the other hand is Anorexia. Almost 10% of the population will experience an eating disorder at some point in their lives.

Do you want to check how bad is your emotional eating?

While only a professional can provide an official diagnosis, this simple tool can provide you with a ballpark rating for the severity of your symptoms.

Simply rate each item according to the extent to which you are experiencing that symptom over the last week weeks or months, including today. If more than one option seems appropriate, choose the more severe option.

*Your results or identifying data will not be saved in any form.


Eating Disorders Self-Check

Please rate the frequency or severity of each of the following symptoms:

1 / 20

I am very afraid of being overweight

2 / 20

I avoid eating when I am hungry

3 / 20

I find myself preoccupied with food

4 / 20

I have experienced binges of eating where I was not sure I could stop

5 / 20

I cut my food into small pieces

6 / 20

I know the calorie count of foods that I eat

7 / 20

I avoid foods high in carbs (bread, rice, potato, etc.)

8 / 20

I feel others would prefer that I eat more

9 / 20

I vomit after eating

10 / 20

I feel guilty after eating

11 / 20

I am preoccupied with being skinny

12 / 20

I think about burning calories when I work out

13 / 20

People say I am too skinny

14 / 20

I am preoccupied with my body fat

15 / 20

It takes me much longer than other people to finish my food

16 / 20

I avoid foods containing sugar

17 / 20

I eat dietary food

18 / 20

I feel food controls my life

19 / 20

I maintain high levels of self control around food

20 / 20

I feel others pressure me to eat