Is Self Help Doctor a replacement for traditional face-to-face therapy?

Yes. No. Maybe.

The Self Help Doctor treatment program is designed to be a complete replacement to traditional therapy by offering a combination of:

  • Weekly recorded video sessions providing you with the same explanations and therapeutic exercises that Dr. Ohad provides to patients in the clinic.
  • Daily exercises supported by automated engagement with the app to keep you motivated to practice.
  • Community Support to help you with the exercises if you get stuck or to provide emotional support on difficult days.

For many individuals, this has proven effective enough to completely replace traditional therapy. For others, it has provided enough emotional training and support to relieve their symptoms partially until they were able to see a traditional therapist. Regardless, the emotional training provided by the program offers an important benefit in improving quality of life by identifying and replace unhealthy emotional habits which promote a variety of distressing conditions and psychological disorders.