Self-Assessment: PTSD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a potentially debilitating condition that individuals can suffer from after either an isolated traumatic event such as a physical or sexual assault, or after a repetitive traumatic event such as chronic abuse. Approximately 6% of the population will experience PTSD at some point in their lives.

Do you want to check if your symptoms meet the criteria for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?

While only a professional can provide an official diagnosis, this simple tool can provide you with a ballpark rating for the severity of your symptoms.

Simply rate each item according to the extent to which you are experiencing that symptom over the last week weeks or months, including today. If more than one option seems appropriate, choose the more severe option.

*Your results or identifying data will not be saved in any form.


PTSD Self-Check

Please rate the severity of each of the following symptoms:

1 / 17

Recurrent Unwanted Distressing Memories of the Traumatic Event

2 / 17

Nightmares or Bad Dreams about the Traumatic Event

3 / 17

Flashbacks - Reliving the Event, Behaving or Feeling like it is Happening Again

4 / 17

Feeling Discomfort When Something Reminds You of the Traumatic Event

5 / 17

Physiological Reactions when Someone Reminds You of the Traumatic Event (e.g. increased sweating, accelerated heartrate, etc.)

6 / 17

Trying to Avoid Thinking / Talking about, or Feeling Emotions Related to, the Event

7 / 17

Trying to Avoid Certain Activities or Situations because they Remind you of the Event

8 / 17

Inability to Recall Important Parts of the Traumatic Event

9 / 17

Decreased Interest / Desire to Engage in Activities that You have Enjoyed in the Past

10 / 17

Feeling Distant or Detached from People around You

11 / 17

Feeling of Emotional Numbness or an Inability to Love the People Closest to You

12 / 17

Feeling Hopeless about the Future

13 / 17

Difficulty Sleeping or Falling Asleep

14 / 17

Restlessness or Anger Outbursts

15 / 17

Difficulty Concentrating

16 / 17

Hyper-alertness, feeling on-guard

17 / 17

Being Easily Startled or Frightened