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Welcome to the Self Help Doctor!
I’m Dr. Ohad – a psychologist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT.
I provide clients with the tools they need to maintain a healthier lifestyle, resolve many emotional issues, and increase self-confidence.

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Why do we develop emotional issues such as anxiety, OCD, anger outbursts, emotional eating, sleeping problems, and more? 

The answer is simpler than you think! 

Take this 30-minute free mini-course to find out how simple and common habits can lead to many different emotional problems.


Once we understand how emotional problems develop, what can we do about it?

It turns out that research studies support using the same evidence-based techniques for many different emotional issues!

Join me in this 12-week course to learn the same professional techniques that I teach my clients.



“Dear Dr. Ohad
I found the online course just in time. After I started it I realized how much I was under stress and small anxieties. After 3 lessons, I got the courage to make a very significant change, leave a job after many years and make a change without fear and today after three months I am in a good place, feeling good, without unnecessary stress. It’s amazing how much impact the course has had on me. The course itself was very convenient for me, listening and performing at my own pace every week. I do not recommend changing anything. It is simple and perfect.
Thank you.”
-Nurit A.


“Dear Doctor 
I can’t thank you enough for your amazing course. Before signing up, I had tried regular CBT therapy with a professional but it was light years away from your online course that just explained in such a simple and elegant way the psychology behind my issues, and then in a simple step-by-step process accompanied me and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to your online course I was able to let go of my self-criticism and to tolerate my emotions so that the anxiety disappeared, and it is now easier for me to cope with and live my life. I feel happy and full of energy.
Thank you!!”
-Liran S.


“Dear Dr. Ohad
I would like to thank you for an ingenious and very rewarding and helpful course. Your approach to explaining was very pleasant and clear, and the ability to ask questions and get a quick and very precise response helped and reassured me. The exercises and tables helped me a lot to change unhealthy habits, I learned a lot and my vision of myself changed a lot. I’m sure there’s more to do and as you say I need to practice and preserve and improve. But I feel you have equipped me with a lot of tools and knowledge and coping for a healthier life, I do not believe every negative thought, I am so aware and it is amazing. Most importantly I felt I wasn’t alone, you were always there in some form.
Thank you very much!”

-Talia C.

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