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Privacy Policy for the Self Help Doctor Corporation

The site provides access to a variety of services and content, such as articles, information about the CBT method of treatment, and an online CBT course.

  1. Privacy Policy:

1.1. The site respects the privacy of customers and surfers.

1.2. In addition to the information you provide when leaving information on the site, the site collects certain information about your computer, through which you visit and perform operations on the site. The information is collected automatically (including through the use of “cookies”) and may include IP addresses, browser type, browsing and login times, how you browse and the tool you use for browsing purposes, details about your ISP and the URLs of the websites you came from. ) The information provided at the time of registration and the information collected by the site as stated in this paragraph shall be referred to together as: “the information collected on the site”).

1.3. The information collected on the site will be used by the site, among other things, for the purpose of operating the site in the best way, for maintaining a high quality and level of service, as well as for general statistics regarding the use of the site.

1.4. The information collected from the services in which you are interested or purchase and may be used by the site or anyone on its behalf, inter alia, for the purpose of adjusting the services offered to you in the best way, maintaining quality and a high level of service, and for general statistics.

1.5. The site or anyone on its behalf may use the information collected about you, among other things, for the following purposes:

1.5.1. In order to provide you with the information you have requested or additional information which the Website believes may be of interest to you, from time to time;

1.5.2. To tailor advertisements and commercial information according to your personal preferences;

1.5.3. In order to contact you by the site’s representatives regarding the services that the site provides;

1.5.4. Statistical analysis and its delivery to third parties;

1.5.5. Operation of the site and development of sites to be established in the future;

1.5.6. Sales management, marketing, customer acquisition and offering new services;

1.5.7. In order to conduct customer surveys and / or marketing research which the site conducts from time to time.

1.6. The site will be entitled to transfer personal information to third parties (except sensitive information such as credit information and ID numbers) in accordance with the provisions of the law including, including in the following cases:

1.6.1. You have given your consent. In this regard, “consent” – informed consent, express or implied;

1.6.2. The website and / or anyone on its behalf are required by law to transmit the said information, for example, by virtue of a court order;

1.6.3. If this is required, in the opinion of the site, in the context of any dispute, claim, lawsuit or demand in a legal proceeding if there are any between you and the site or between a third party and the site;

1.6.4. In order to protect the legal and proprietary rights of the site and / or anyone on its behalf;

1.6.5. Sharing social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and others and other network advertisers such as Google, Tabula and others;

1.6.6. For statistical purposes – we provide personal information to entities and companies that we trust in order for them to process the information for us in accordance with the provisions of the site and in a manner consistent with these regulations and site policies. In general, and to the extent that prior consent has not been given for the provision of personal information, information transmitted for statistical purposes does not include identifying information;

1.6.7. If you violate these Terms and Conditions if you perform any acts that are contrary to or deemed to be unlawful, or any attempt to perform such acts;

1.6.8. In any case the site will believe that the provision of the collected information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the user’s body or property or to the body or property of a third party.

1.7. It is important to remember that one hundred percent cannot be guaranteed against hostile and determined activity by foreign parties and therefore there is no absolute security in these actions and the site does not guarantee that the information will be completely immune from unauthorized access.

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2.1. The company adheres to the provisions of the law and respects the right of users of the site and others to privacy and good name. If you believe that content has been posted on the site that offends you for any reason, please contact us according to the details below and we will try to handle your request as soon as possible. Such inquiries can be forwarded by the following means:


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Last update date: October 2022