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The “Healthy Mindset” Toolkit includes:

  • 12 weekly sessions
  • Explanations via video recordings
  • Therapeutic exercises for each session
  • Time to practice in between sessions
  • Access to a support forum
  • Access to optional Live sessions
  • 30-day refund policy
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The “Healthy Mindset” Toolkit

Dr. Ohad’s self-help course will teach you the same skills he teaches his patients in order to recognize and replace unhealthy emotional habits that result in various mental health problems.


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About Dr. Ohad

Dr. Ohad Hershkovitz completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2004 at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and since then has specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). After working at clinics specializing in OCD, PTSD, and eating disorders, he opened and managed a network of clinics specializing in CBT for adults.

Dr. Ohad developed the CBT-TIME transdiagnostic protocol – a single treatment protocol effective for a wide variety of mental health disorders – which he has presented at international conferences and for which he provides training workshops to therapists.

Dr Ohad Hershkovitz Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trichotillomania






35 reviews for Healthy Mindset Toolkit

  1. eynatr

    Wow. Possibly one of the best courses!
    I treat and deal with anxieties
    It was important for me to do something for myself
    Because of a crazy schedule I preferred an online course I could do in my own time.
    From the first lesson I connected to the CBT treatment approach and the way the course is conducted.
    Dr. Ohad is very patient, personable, and professional
    I received an answer to every question.
    The tools in the course for dealing with anxieties, distortions of thinking, etc. are very good and highly recommended.
    I want to say a huge thank you for the amazing course
    that contributed to me alot.
    I’ll miss the weekly email that I looked forward to getting that another lesson had opened.
    If there will be an advanced course do not forget to update me. And thank you thank you thank you!
    Eynat Rospasha

  2. mira

    Hi 🙂
    I sought out CBT treatment due to recurrent anxiety attacks and social anxiety. In this short course Dr. Ohad was able to get me to redirect my life, to see myself as a valuable person, to think healthily and consciously and be less affected by stress, he taught me amazing tools that really helped me overcome anxiety and fears, increase my self-confidence and decrease the stress in all areas of life. My life has changed for the better and my quality of life has increased miraculously and a huge thank you for that!

  3. tomer

    This was an excellent course that gave me a lot of tools for dealing with challenging situations in life. From the beginning of the course I felt an improvement in my life and I am sure that the tools I learned will help me in the future as well!
    You can review all the content and learn at your own pace and the platform is very user-friendly 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. stav

    Hi, everyone 🙂
    I wanted to share my course “graduation” experience –
    I started the course about three months ago and it is definitely one of the smartest steps I have taken in my life.
    As someone who has been suffering from OCD for over two decades (compulsive checking, endless checklists, intrusive thoughts, anxieties and more), I can say without a doubt that this is the first time I have come across a treatment that has helped me so significantly.
    Since elementary school I have been looking for a solution that will make the thoughts in my head stop working overtime and for the first time I feel I have succeeded.
    I received a toolkit that has and will continue to significantly improve my lifestyle.
    Admittedly this is not a panacea and the impulses and thoughts still exist but undoubtedly the frequency has diminished and most importantly my general mood has miraculously improved.
    Bottom line – I highly recommend !!! ❤️

  5. einat

    I took the course because I was going through a crisis with the family, I realized that my “emotional regulation” was never good enough, and I thought it was an opportunity to work on it.
    At the same time – I myself am a CBT therapist and after I was exposed to your method of work – I thought that as a therapist I also have a lot to learn from you.
    The course greatly contributed to my self-confidence – which outwardly was not apparently bad – but actually very (too) dependent on achievements, so I was very unstable.
    Also to my ability to withstand stimuli and unpleasant emotions (I have been practicing mindfulness for about two or three years, but there is no doubt that your exposures contributed alot).
    I am much better at dealing with thoughts and they trigger me less.
    I still have work to do. By nature I am a very, very physically active person. It has it’s advantages in areas like music and sports, but it is important for me to keep learning to manage my energy when it starts sabotaging me.
    I feel free from the restraints that have cobbled me for years, free to do things that I felt ashamed of / judged / criticized. The feeling is a very good one, and at times really wonderful.
    As a CBT therapist: I am using these techniques in my work doing parental guidance, and during regular therapy too (working mostly with children – still testing out how to adapt your techniques). Your protocol has something simpler and easier to understand than the explanations and tools I have been using until now.
    Even the idea of ​​initiated exposures that are not exactly related to what triggers us or brought us to therapy – really allows for work with fears in a way that is not too threatening and that develops high resilience skills!
    I feel like I’m still in the beginning of my journey, but I’m on a very good path. And that your course really provides all the tools and options to develop for those who really want to and are willing to make a very significant change.
    Thank you!

  6. karen

    Dr. Ohad is an excellent and pleasant psychologist, he clearly and neatly explains and everything is clear, concise, and well organized.
    I keep memorizing what I have learned. It helps to get through the daily routine more easily.
    Just Perfect A+ Highly Recommended!

  7. esther

    Hi Dr. Hershkovitz 🙂
    The course was just fruitful and amazing!
    I did it at my own pace, each lesson for two weeks instead of one and practiced by writing on paper (a phobia I have from computers). The lessons are wonderfully set up and segmented, and require a lot of practice to adopt new habits 😉
    I have not yet completed the course. I took a three-week break during the holidays for spiritual study and to take a break. I intend to continue after the holiday. I am overall satisfied with the course and I do not even need private sessions in addition to the course 🙂
    I highly recommended the course to my relatives and some acquaintances!
    Thank you very much, and I wish you a happy holiday and all the best
    Esther Chen Azulai

  8. natalie

    I purchased the course to deepen my knowledge in psychology in general and the CBT method in particular.
    I am a mother of two grown children (aged 24 and 19) who occasionally need emotional support and guidance in dealing with life’s challenges.
    The course helped me to “get my head screwed on right”,
    It reinforced insights I already had (from life experience), like challenging negative thoughts, challenging uncomfortable emotions, enjoying the simple things in life, and knowing to let go and rest up.
    It was an interesting and helpful course, and definitely gave me more tools and absolutely felt like a good deal.
    Thank you very much and good luck in the future!

  9. galia

    There were improvements. Lots of improvement. But I was a little disappointed. I thought I would get completely better faster. But I understand I still have to continue with exposures that are quite challenging, I have to go places that trigger me, invest time and effort in walking at different times, because of the agoraphobia. Each time I have to be prepared again for the anxiety and I don’t always feel like it. It takes a lot of perseverance, though in the meantime I am succeeding.
    But one thing I discovered: Sometimes I’ll wait in a scary place long enough and then suddenly I feel like the scary, monstrous place turns emotionally into a friendly place. I think it was some kind of new connection in the brain, that if I did it long enough, the brain would eventually change (just like it did in the past but in reverse from confidence to fear).

    For me personally it was better to take an online course with the option to consult if necessary than to keep trying different therapists, which was time consuming and mostly too expensive for me.

  10. Eli

    The course was very interesting. As you mentioned towards the end of the course there is no need to expect the fear to disappear completely but the feeling of fear slowly fades and over time the emotional brain works less intensely, as I understood it, I am looking forward to that continuing to happen but in the meantime there has been a significant improvement, no doubt. I’ll continue to practice every day with the training program, in case I have more questions I will ask in the course itself. Thank you very much for the course, it was very interesting.

  11. Nurit

    Dear Dr. Ohad
    I found the online course just in time. After I started it I realized how much I was under stress and small anxieties. After 3 lessons, I got the courage to make a very significant change, leave a job after many years and make a change without fear and today after three months I am in a good place, feeling good, without unnecessary stress. It’s amazing how much impact the course has had on me. The course itself was very convenient for me, listening and performing at my own pace every week. I do not recommend changing anything. It is simple and perfect.
    Thank you.

  12. talia

    Dear Dr. Ohad
    I would like to thank you for an ingenious and very rewarding and helpful course. Your approach to explaining was very pleasant and clear, and the ability to ask questions and get a quick and very precise response helped and reassured me. The exercises and tables helped me a lot to change unhealthy habits, I learned a lot and my vision of myself changed a lot. I’m sure there’s more to do and as you say I need to practice and preserve and improve. But I feel you have equipped me with a lot of tools and knowledge and coping for a healthier life, I do not believe every negative thought, I am so aware and it is amazing. Most importantly I felt I wasn’t alone, you were always there in some form.
    Thank you very much!

  13. Michal Ilan

    The course was excellent
    For me personally it was harder when I was not face to face with a therapist to talk about things but I tried, I will be using some of the tools as they helped me.
    The tables were less comfortable for me in Excel but I copied them to Word files and managed that way.
    The videos are clear and accessible and you respond quickly to any problem and request for help.

  14. Nir

    The online course was interesting, effective, concise and gives practical and productive tools. The course can undoubtedly change lives if one devotes oneself to it and to the practice exercises.

  15. Liran

    Dear Dr.
    I can’t thank you enough for your amazing course. Before signing up, I had tried regular CBT therapy with a professional but it was light years away from your online course that just explained in such a simple and elegant way the psychology behind my issues, and then in a simple step-by-step process accompanied me and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to your online course I was able to let go of my self-criticism and to tolerate my emotions so that the anxiety disappeared, and it is now easier for me to cope with and live my life. I feel happy and full of energy.
    Thank you!!

  16. esti

    I just completed the 12 week course.
    I am dealing with anxiety and OCD myself and also with my daughter.
    The course is structured in a clear, practical and effective manner. The sense was that I was constantly making progress both in understanding and in application.
    The course gives concrete and clear tools for practice, which increase my confidence in being able to deal with difficulties.
    However, this is not a magic shortcut. You need to be willing to take the time to learn and especially to practice. Accompanying the course is quite a bit of work.
    I recommend doing only one lesson a week, and not “rushing” thru the content, to internalize and practice.
    Whenever I had a question or ambiguity, Dr. Ohad answered my question quickly, so there was definitely a sense of having a professional accompany me.
    I also applied some of the tools with my daughter and they help her a lot. One of my insights is that it is a real privilege to take this course, and it should be taken as early in life as possible. And I wish I had these tools as a girl.
    As for myself, I’ve been carrying these anxieties for 4 decades, so I still have a lot of inner work to do.
    But without a doubt, the tools provided in the course -including the experience of progressing thru the course in the smart gradual way in which it is presented, reading responses and questions from other participants and coming out with a set of “tools” – all have increased my confidence alot.
    Thank you!

  17. noya

    Hello Dr.,

    I would like to give a very big thank you for your professional, caring, empowering and spot-on course.
    I finished the course today and I feel a significant improvement in my daily life.
    I have been dealing with OCD for years, I have undergone many treatments of both psychodynamic therapy and CBT. I must say that there is something in the structure of your course – the way you present the content, explanations, order and address all levels of change – that has allowed me to feel a significant benefit, perhaps even more than the other CBT treatments I have done in the past.
    There is also something to be said about my ability to help myself, and about the acceptance of tools that I feel I have acquired which will help me down the road, it is very empowering and gives me confidence.
    May you be blessed!
    I highly recommend this course to anyone who suffers from any emotional problem or is just coping with the stressful life and challenges we all experience 🙂

  18. adih

    Hi Dr. Ohad, thank you so much for this excellent course. The course was very convenient to use in every aspect and I found it simple, clear and methodical. Even when things sounded complicated at first, you were there to answer any question. Knowing that you are available for my questions is very reassuring and your answers are very clear and helpful. May anxiety has not disappeared, but I do feel that the intensity has diminished significantly. And the knowledge that I know how to respond to my anxiety also reassures me. I used the tools you provided with my family and friends, these are definitely tools for everyone. Mostly I tried to apply them on my kids. Here’s a new course idea – CBT course for teens. The whole issue of social pressures can be treated and relieved using the tools you have introduced 😊 Thanks again!

  19. galia1984

    Hello Dr. Ohad,
    I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent course. You conveyed it in a pleasant way, the explanations are very clear and the examples helped illustrate the explanations and understand them better. I have been doing the exposures and slowly feeling progress. Also, I have to commend you on your response to every question in a pleasant and caring manner.
    Thanks again!

  20. jonathanmalka

    Peace and blessings to all.
    It was a privilege to discover Dr. Ohad’s CBT course.

    And I was privileged to undergo such a significant improvement through the course, as the course is clearly organized and took me gradually through a constant process of change accompanied by serious practice.

    By following the order of the course and the processes in it, we really go through a period of total self-control, of tolerating the emotions that interfere with our concentration, as well as tools for how to deal with them in the future, as a mindset for life, therefore I thank you for the wonderful course, which has helped me control my life, and as a result today I can choose goals and objectives daily and succeed in doing them and persevere every day out of control and my choice! Without the intrusion of emotions, unwanted thoughts, and other disturbances that existed inside me that I could not control.

    Thank you very much, highly recommend!

  21. rachel

    Dr. Ohad’s course is very interesting, helpful and educational, and definitely helping us even though at this stage we have not practiced enough all the exercises, but the general approach as well as learning to interpret situations differently has contributed a lot.

    Thank you!

  22. moran

    It was an excellent course
    There is still work to do and I need to be persistent
    But it gave me many tools to deal with intrusive negative thoughts and not to be afraid of my feelings of anxiety
    I have a higher awareness of every negative thought and my confidence and self-worth have increased.
    Access to the course platform was easy to use, everything was thorough
    Thank you very much for the course and the constant support I received to every question. I will take it with me for life
    Thank you very much, Dr. Ohad, for listening and for helping
    I recommend with love

  23. safaa

    Hello, there are no words to describe how much I appreciate and thank you, Dr. Ohad, for the amazing, professional, and empowering course. From the first lesson, I could relate to the course. I began to feel the improvement in my quality of life already from the first lessons of the cognitive therapy. After a year of the course, I went through it more than once and every time I felt how deep it is and how professional and effective it is. The exercises and tools I learned helped me a lot in changing my thinking and behavior patterns and with the help of the daily plan you offered us I will continue to practice, and what is beautiful is that the contribution of the course is not only for a specific period in our lives or for a specific problem but rather it helps us conduct our lives in a healthier and more efficient way and it is definitely worth every effort. From a technical point of view, the platform was easy to use, the ongoing subscription allows for a personal learning pace, everything is well organized and planned. The combination of watching videos, practice, the tables and examples, a training program, homework and self-examination came together to really make sense of things and helped a lot in the learning and application of the material. In addition, what I liked the most is that even though the course is designed for self-learning, I did not feel alone because it was possible to communicate with you in a variety of ways and receive professional advice and an answer to any question if necessary, I also learned from the experience of other participants through the comments and correspondence they shared throughout the lessons and it was wonderful. A huge thank you and keep up the amazing work, I highly recommend

  24. elior

    Hello, I’d like to share my impression of Dr. Ohad’s online self-care course. I think the course provides an excellent solution to a wide range of unwanted behaviors, thoughts and feelings, because all the information is here, and the tools cover all the situations where the causes for the development of those unwanted symptoms can arise. The tools are presented in a clear order, gradually and with clarity that allows you to start using them easily. Each lesson that teaches a tool is accompanied by a table that demonstrates how to properly use that tool, with examples that show how each person can adapt the tool to the issue they’re dealing with, and during the course it’s explained how to properly work with the tools on a daily basis. If there are questions during the course, you can ask Dr. Ohad, and he answers quickly and in detail, and his desire to help is very evident. I recommend that anyone who feels at a difficult point in life, or has personal behaviors that require change, to take this course, and I’m sure that you’ll find the value learned to be significant.

  25. Unknown Member

    I am very happy with the self-help course. The way it was designed for independent learning was very suitable for my way of learning as a student, and as a mother of two little ones, it allowed me maximum flexibility in my learning times. The course platform was very convenient. The division into short videos made it easier to learn in segments that are convenient for me even if I didn’t complete a whole lesson each time. The material was presented in a clear, orderly and pleasant manner. The exercises contributed both to reducing the symptoms of anxiety and anger and to increasing my self-confidence. Although I’m still not “clear” of anxiety and anger outbursts, my situation has definitely gotten better, and the more I practice, the more I see an increase in improvement. I really liked the fact that at the end of the course we received a structured and updated program that summarizes all the tools we learned, and provides a framework for their ongoing integration into our daily lives.

  26. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I took Dr. Ohad’s course [for Trichotillomania] and I haven’t pulled since – it was thorough and useful – definitely worth trying – once you’re ready to be done! (Backstory – I’ve pulled since I was 7 – now 57 – nothing else has worked as well😊)

  27. N.Rotem

    A big thank you! In my opinion the course is useful and also practical and really helps, and the more I practice the more results I see so all that remains is to say thank you thank you!

  28. ofir

    A very good course that gives practical tools to deal with all kinds of unpleasant situations in life. The course is effective and useful. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs it.

  29. ruth

    Thank you so much for the course.
    I’d recommend the course to anyone who feels that they want to change their mental health for the better.
    The course provides a real solution and very quick results, although it depends on you because the course requires a time investment and homework, you have to come prepared to practice and not expect to just listen to something and then some kind of magic happens. At the end of the day it takes work.
    “The harder you train, the easier the battle.”
    I definitely saw a change in myself, in reducing symptoms and in trusting myself more.

  30. doritush

    Hi, I took the course a while ago, and it saved my life.. I just bought it as a gift for someone close to me because I believe in this treatment more than anything… Maybe I will also sign up in the future to practice again… it’s simply magical and I recommend it to everyone.. Thank you very much and good luck to everyone who needs these tools.. Best regards, Dorit

  31. betsky

    A sobering course from the illusions of the senses and the false mind
    A course worth every dollar that made me understand the OCD I was dealing with
    Changed my reaction and behavior.
    Already in the first days I felt a cognitive and behavioral change not only in anxiety but also with emotional eating, body image, procrastination and uncontrollable urges to drink alcohol.
    The journey has only just begun… this course is a turning point that it’s a shame I didn’t know when my OCD caught fire, about 22 years ago…
    Those who hesitate or are afraid to take care of themselves will not do so. I was prevented from doing so in all areas of life due to neglect.
    Dr. Ohad was blessed with an emotional availability that is not easy to find in our world, may there be many like him.

  32. yaeli

    I came to the treatment out of a sense of frustration that my anxiety is hurting my independence and daily routine, and within several sessions things became clearer and I started feeling relieved.
    I received practical tools and easy-to-understand explanations that helped me a lot in coping.
    I got my independence back and even when some difficulty arises I now know how to deal with it and I don’t avoid it.
    Dr. Ohad was very empathic, kind and clear throughout the course and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

  33. Ruthy

    After finishing the course, I continued to practice everything by myself, until at some point I just got tired of continuing practicing and then the anxiety returned again. I went back to review the lessons, and it’s really much easier the second time. I didn’t finish the whole course again but in the process I already passed the driver’s test so I stopped. So a huge thank you for the confidence that it is fine to be anxious, to understand and tolerate my feelings helped me a lot during the driver’s test. Thanks again, it was worth it. I believe that I will still revisit the course and continue to go through it.

  34. barak

    Dr. Ohad, I want to say that this course is really amazing,
    I think I’ll have to figure out how I deal with the tables and exercises on a daily basis since I’m a bit rigid in my routine.
    But the fact that treating yourself emotionally in a very practical way is possible without having to get into the weeds of your past is excellent.
    By the way this is also the method that helped me the most in all my life to deal with my social anxiety.

  35. Nick

    Hello Doctor, I thought my situation did not happen to other people. Before I came to you I underwent treatment with three other psychologists over 10 years. When I finally came to you, I tried therapy via Zoom with you, but I was in a bad way and had trouble staying focused.. After a period of time I signed up for the course and now I finished it successfully.. The advantage of the course is that I choose when to watch the lessons and can learn when I feel focused. And I can repeat the lessons several times. I want to say that the course helped me a lot, I improved in an amazing way and my mental health is much better now. I don’t have stress and anxieties like before the course. Doctor, you are very professional, bless you, you have saved me. I highly recommend to everyone to try the course.

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