Can I do both regular therapy and the Self-Help course?

Is it possible to combine a self-help course with regular face-to-face therapy with a therapist?
When is this combination required and effective?
Should I do that with Dr. Ohad’s online self-help course?
Here are the answers to these questions…

Theoretically, a self-help course should give the user all the tools they need to learn the concepts, practice with the therapeutic exercises, and achieve the change they desire. In practice, among those interested in the self-help course, there are those who fear that they won’t be able to succeed on their own or won’t be able to understand everything without the help of a therapist, or that they need to interact with a live person and not an automated course, or whether it is possible to combine the self-help course with regular therapy.

Emphasis on combining self-care and therapy with a therapist

It is certainly possible to combine a self-help course and regular therapy. However, it is important to find a therapist who is familiar with CBT – and preferably with the CBT-TIME transdiagnostic protocol upon which the course is based – in order to ensure that the work done in therapy can be planned and synchronized alongside the tools learned in the course and to avoid the possibility of conflicting messages or exercises which may confuse the patient.

What are the indicators that suggest that the self-help course should be combined with face-to-face therapy?

  • Difficulty identifying underlying habits that require change.
  • Difficulty working with the tools in the course.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with personal difficulties.
  • Difficulty making progress in the course.

The self-help course takes such possibilities into account and attempts to address them. And yet there are patients who may prefer a live therapist via personal sessions. Hence, it is possible to combine self-treatment with the help of a therapist, and in some cases it may even be recommended to combine the two.

Is it possible to get help if I get stuck in the course?

Yes! In Dr. Ohad’s self-help course, all participants have the opportunity of joining a private support group in order to receive help.

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