What are the advantages of a self-help CBT course?

Advantages of self help CBT

There are various benefits for “self-helpers” accessing the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) method via an online self-help course, as well as some disadvantages to conventional CBT with a therapist. Let’s take a look at both, starting with the shortcomings of conventional treatment.

When considering the complexity in conventional treatment, the following difficulties can be mentioned. In some countries or cities, it is not always easy to find a certified CBT therapist, especially one that is easily accessible or located near you.

With a busy life that many of us ​​lead, it is not always trivial to find the time each week, and often we find ourselves sacrificing time that we could have spent with family or friends, or doing something we love.

The financial cost of conventional treatment with a therapist is considerably higher than the cost of most self-help programs, and for some people this factor alone tips the scales.

Some people will have a hard time sharing or will feel ashamed sharing their personal experiences and feelings with a stranger just because that stranger is a therapist, while in self-care they enjoy the freedom of anonymity.

Additionally an online course allows you to repeat or review the therapeutic material and exercises as often as needed at no additional cost, negating the fear of forgetting something or needing to take time out of another paid session to review the material again with the therapist.

Advantages of self help CBT

There are a number of unique benefits to self-help via an online course. This method of improvement allows you to progress at your own pace, without pressure, tailored to your personal style or other responsibilities. If your schedule changes weekly or is otherwise restrictive, you can go through the course materials at unconventional hours that are convenient for you. Moreover, the lessons can be viewed from anywhere and from any internet-connected device.

Another unique advantage is that even in a self-help course, you are not alone! You can consult with the course instructor and therapist during a live support group specifically for members of the course, in the event you get stuck during your progress. Enjoy the knowledge that your course instructor, Dr. Ohad, is a senior expert in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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