Offer for free treatment

As technology progresses, we are nearing the day when “patients” can receive effective and evidence-based treatment without the need of a live therapist.

I am currently developing an AI-based self help program which will use a combination of my treatment protocol and the transcripts of my sessions with clients in order to eventually allow adults with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB’s) like Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania to treat themselves.

As part of the development of the program, I am offering free access to treatment for adults suffering from BFRB’s, in return for your permission to use the transcripts of our sessions to train the AI model.

If you would like to participate in this treatment offer, please see the description below:

  • This offer is open to adults only
  • This offer is for adults suffering from BFRB’s like Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania
  • The treatment program includes:
    • 12 weekly CBT skills building sessions provided via recorded video
    • CBT exercises that need to be practiced daily (a few minutes per day)
    • 15-minute Weekly Consults with myself live via Zoom
  • The transcripts of the live sessions will be retained and used to train the AI model
  • All identifying information will be sanitized from the transcripts to maintain confidentiality
  • In return for your permission to retain and use the transcripts, the 12 week program will be granted for free

If you agree to allow the retention and use of your session transcripts for the purposes of training the AI model, sign up with the following discount code to receive free access for 12 weeks to the treatment program:

You can sign up for the program here: Healthy Mindset Toolkit

See you at the Weekly Consults!
Dr. Ohad

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