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  • Dr.Ohad

    February 24, 2023 at 5:07 am
    Level: Expert

    Hi Sepi

    Oh no! I specifically selected Wistia to host my videos because they are supposedly a high quality host! This is very disappointing to hear. I understand how laggy video can significantly affect your experience, I’m so sorry to hear it. 🙁

    Are the videos lagging on all browsers/devices? Or if you switch from Wifi to cellular (or vice versa)?

    I tried looking up lagging issues on Wistia’s support site, I found their recommendations to try and resolve the issue:
    Hopefully something here will be helpful for you.

    If this is something that others users are experiencing as well then I’ll need to find a different host for the videos.

    As for providing weekly feedback, the last screen of each Week provides a Weekly Feedback form to fill out as well as a link to an online calendar to schedule a short call with me.

    I hope we find a solution for you!