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  • Francesca

    February 28, 2023 at 8:36 am

    Hello everyone!

    It is so great to read how all of you are tracking red flags.

    Sometimes I analyze my thoughts but I find it difficult to do it all day. So as soon as I start air pulling I stop and think ” what was I thinking? And go from there. It’s so surprising to learn that what I was thinking were such little problems.

    I noticed that in my thoughts I use a lot of “Why”? I would have never thought that that’s a red flag. And it always pops up for little things like drawing a map incorrectly or “why did I forget this topic that I studied years ago”.

    Always criticizing myself for little things like those. I didn’t even know that this could result in perfectionism as a negative thing.

    I absolutely love this exercize, it has helped me a lot already this week!